PhD, Head of South Athens Regional Directorate of the National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (E.O.P.Y.Y.), Coordinator of the Medical Technology Equipment and Materials Subcommittee of the Negotiation Committee of the E.O.P.Y.Y.

Since January 2022, Maria Panousopoulou has been the Head of the Regional Directorate of EOPYY at South Athens. Since April 2018, she was Head of the Department of Benefit Planning, costing-invoicing of medical devices, sanitary products and FSMPs, at the Directorate of Strategic Planning of the EOPYY.

She is a member of the Committee for Negotiation of Reimbursement fees and Prices of Medical Technological Products of EOPYY and coordinator of the Subcommittee of Medical Devices and Materials. She is a member and representative in subgroups of the Coordination Group Regulation 2021/2282 on Health Technology Assessment of the European Commission.

She holds a degree in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of London/UCL, a Master's Degree in Pharmacy from EKPA, a PhD in Pharmacy from EKPA and a Master's Degree in Health Services Management from ESDY.

She has been a Special Advisor to the Ministers of Health for the E.O.P.Y.Y. and the Pharmaceutical Policy in Greece. She has also worked in Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in the fields of Clinical Studies and Medicine.

She has scientific publications in International Scientific Journals and participation in Greek and International Conferences.