Isidoros MENTIS

Isidoros MENTIS

Pharmacist, Department of Monitoring and Utilization of Controls, EOPYY

Healthcare professional (pharmacist) with 24 years of experience in the public (insurance funds) and private (pharmaceutical warehouses, pharmacies) health sector (including service in military hospital and military warehouse of pharmaceutical and health material).

Currently working at the Department of Monitoring and Utilization of Controls in the Medicines Directorate, General Directorate of Organization and Planning of Health Services, Central Agency of EOPYY (Greek National Organization for Healthcare Services Provision) since EOPYY’s foundation, on harmonizing the control of medical prescription procedures with the legislation with professional experience in the reimbursement processes for health medical material and FSMPs (Food for Special Medical Purposes) based on provisions of Greek - European healthcare legislation and international relevant networks.

Member of:

a) Committee for costing pharmaceutical expenses, under auspices of EOPPY’s Directorate of International Insurance Relations, concerning EU Cross-border Healthcare

b) EHFCN’s (European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network) Working Group in AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) role to EHFCN purposes’ implementation.

c)Alternate member of working group for processing-updating of list of diseases with reduced/zero participation in pharmaceutical cost as well as for examination of requests addressed to Autonomous Department of Supervision, Development and Operation of EOPYY.

He holds a degree in Pharmaceutics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA) and a postgraduate MBA  in Health Economics (Management and Administration of Economic Units - Department of Economic Sciences - School of Economics and Political Sciences EKPA, awarded with Merit 8,43/10). He also holds English and French degrees, certifying excellent knowledge of English (Certificate of Proficiency in English - University of Cambridge) and French (Diplôme d'études supérieures - DES & Certificat pratique de langue Française Sorbonne I - Paris-Sorbonne Université) with teaching license (obtained from former Greek Ministry of National Education & Religious Affairs) for both languages.

Furthermore, he has attended conferences (Greece and abroad) in the field of Pharmaceutics, Medicine, Health Economics, HTA and EHFCN and he has authored the following studies in peer-review scientific journals:

  • Mentis, Ι. (2021). The market of generic drugs in Southern Europe with the contribution of health technology assessment and competition. Archives of Hellenic Medicine/Arheia Ellenikes Iatrikes, 38, 89-94.
  • Mentis I. (2021). “EU actions against Covid-19”. European Law 2 (2021).
  • Mentis Isidoros. (2022). “Impact of Health Indicators and Socio-Economic Inequalities on Greek Population’s Health Level in Relation to Causes”. Acta Scientific Medical Sciences 6.4: 03-12
  • Mentis, Ι. (2022). The introduction of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Greece and comparison with the European experience. Archives of Hellenic Medicine/Arheia Ellenikes Iatrikes, 39(3).
  • Mentis, Ι. (2023). Correlation between the Greek gross domestic product and health expenditure during the financial crisis, with emphasis on reimbursement of the cost of diabetic health materials by the National Organization for Healthcare Services Provision. Archives of Hellenic Medicine/Arheia Ellenikes Iatrikes, 40(2).