HTA Conference 2022


Better Methods, Better Evidence, Better Decisions

“Reforming Greece’s Pharmaceutical Policy: PIF Perspective”

Agata JAKONCIC, President, Pharma Innovation Forum (PIF)
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“HTA Committee Performance in Greece and Future Strategy”

Flora BACOPOULOU, President HTA Committee, Associate Professor of Pediatrics – Adolescent Medicine, NKUA
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“Introductory Speech: Medicines Negotiation Committee Performance in Greece and Future Strategy”

Dimitrios FILIPPOU, President EOF, President of The Medicines Negotiations Committee, Assis. Prof. of Anatomy, NKUA
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“Advancing an Appropriate Framework for the Reimbursement of Gene Therapies”

Nadia BOUMPOUCHAIROPOULOU, PhD Health & Value Lead, Pfizer
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“Insights from a Payer for Value-Based Contracts”

Kärt VELISTE, Chief Specialist at Department of Medicines and Medical Devices, Haigekassa Estonia
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“RWE as Complement to RCTs to strengthen Evidence Packages”

Ioannis NTANASIS-STATHOPOULOS, Doctor, Scientific Associate, Therapeutic Clinic of The Medical School, NKUA
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“The Importance of using RWE to inform Healthcare Decision-Making”

Declan NOONE, President of The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC)
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“The model for Assessment of Telemedicine and Integrated Care: MAST”

Kristian KIDHOLM, Prof. Ηealth Care Innovation, CIMT, Nat. Danish Treatment Council, Head of HTA Odense Univ. Hospital
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“Germany’s DIGA Regulatory Process for the Marketing and Authorization of Medical Devices”

John GIANTSIDIS, President & Principal Consultant, CyberActa, Inc
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